Apostle on the Edge: An Inductive Approach to Paul


Author and teacher Michael R. Cosby provides a wonderful guide to Paul’s letters, helping students relate them to their own cultural setting and figure out for themselves what they mean. Irreverent, entertaining, engaging, and fun, yet grounded in sound theology, Cosby’s textbook, full of pictures, questions, and insights, is certain to be a most popular educational tool.

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Most of Paul’s intended readers were in ongoing dialogue with him,and when he wrote to them, he addressed familiar circumstances. Because Paul’s audiences shared experiences with him, they had the necessary context for interpreting his messages. And because they shared with Paul views of everyday life that often seem strange to us, his original readers understood his words as cultural insiders, whereas we are outsiders. We simply miss part of his meaning because we live in a different time, speak a different language, and have different cultural norms. We need ways to bridge the historical and cultural divide if we are to understand what he wrote. This book provides the resources to begin a bridge from out time to his.