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Foundations: Ancient Faith for Modern People


“The challenge of communicating the historic Christian faith to a post-Christian generation can be complex and daunting. Amandola has developed an excellent resource for this specific task. Foundations: Ancient Faith for Modern People is creative, theologically and educationally astute, and very practical. It deserves wide usage in the church. I will be recommending it to my own church and to my seminary students.” –Steve Tracy, Ph.D., Professor of Theology & Ethics, Phoenix Seminary; Founder & President, Mending the Soul Ministries

November 17, 2018 $11.95 Free Visit Store Website

FOUNDATIONS: ANCIENT FAITH FOR MODERN PEOPLE is a small group resource designed for followers of Jesus and spiritual seekers to learn foundational Christian beliefs while growing in community through thoughtful and respectful interaction. Designed for 21st century thinkers, Foundations does not separate the concepts of secular and sacred; affirms the findings of modern science as an ally rather than adversary of faith; upholds social and environmental justice as vital implications of the gospel; connects faith to everyday life; and is passionately committed to historic, biblical orthodoxy.