Recovering the Full Mission of God: A Biblical Perspective on Being, Doing and Telling


The Church’s Mission is Full-Orbed, Encompassing Life, Word, and Deed

“This is an excellent book–a marvelous contribution to the ongoing discussion of the nature of mission. With sterling biblical scholarship Dean Flemming demonstrates clearly from the biblical story, and especially the New Testament, that the church’s mission is full-orbed, encompassing life, word and deed. The careful treatment of the Old Testament story and a wide range of the New Testament canon should go a long way to fill out more reductionist understandings of mission. I hope this book gets a wide reading.”–Michael Goheen, professor of missional theology, Newbigin House of Studies, San Francisco, and author of A Light to the Nations

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Is our gospel witness too small? Should the gospel be proclaimed in words only? Or should we preach the gospel in deeds—and when necessary use words? Or are we missing something in playing the witness of words against deeds? If you are concerned about evangelizing the post-Christian West or the world beyond, you have probably debated this issue. And evangelical instincts drive us to Scripture. In Recovering the Full Mission of God, Dean Flemming joins biblical scholarship with missionary experience as he surveys the Old Testament and then looks closely at the New Testament and the early church. Flemming shows how the three strands of telling, doing and being relate in the mission of God and his people. Here is a book in touch with the missional realities of our time and grounded in the missional vision of biblical revelation. It gives us a clear vision of the rich and multifaceted nature of "gospeling" the kingdom of God.


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