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The Origins of John’s Gospel


“The selected authors and their contributions do not represent a specific “school of thought” or even a unanimous trajectory of interpretation. This conscious choice of the editors is one of the strengths of the volume. The richness of approaches delivers very individual assessments, such as innovative arguments, new evidence, fresh methodological tools. Yet the editors still manage to hold all twelve voices in the same choir by thoughtfully organizing the book.” Piotr Ashwin-Siejkowski, King’s College London, Gnosis: Journal of Gnostic Studies 2

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The essays in The Origins of John’s Gospel, gathered by Stanley E. Porter and Hughson T. Ong, either survey or discuss in detail various areas and topics in Johannine scholarship, especially in the study of John’s Gospel. These include the authorship and dating, sources, and traditions of John’s Gospel, its structure and composition, the Johannine community, and Johannine anti-Judaism and the Son of Man sayings. Collectively, these essays offer important contributions to various areas and topics of research relating to the origins of John’s Gospel.